Recovery Phrase Password Generator

Choose 4 words as your recovery phrase to generate a unique, secure password that you can use for all your accounts. You'll never need to remember your password again—just your recovery words. Your password will always be the same when you enter your recovery words on this page. Keep your words and their order secret, as we cannot recover lost passwords.

Enter your 4 recovery words below, without any extra spaces or characters. The case doesn't matter. Make sure you remember these words and their order. The generated password will include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and the special symbols (&*_#).

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Encryption Algorithm: This page uses the SHA-256 hash function from the CryptoJS library to generate passwords from your recovery words.

Third-Party JavaScript Libraries: This page uses the CryptoJS library. We are not responsible for any losses resulting from security breaches. For optimal security, disconnect from the internet after the page has loaded.